Pia Lamberg

International model and actress Pia Lamberg was crowned as Miss Finland Universe in 2011. Since then she has gained global recognition for her work in the modelling and entertainment industry. Her work has taken her all over Europe, Brazil, South Africa, and the United States.

Pia has been featured in the Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial with Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe, and at the Grammy Awards as a Trophy Model. She can currently be seen acting beside Dolph Lungren in new TV series SAF3 from the creators of Baywatch and has several other feature films to be released next year.

Pia is proud to support many Finnish charities and represent Finland abroad. She has worked with UNICEF Finland and Lastensairaala, a children’s hospital in Finland. Pia has also helped to promote many Finnish companies like Angry birds and Nokia and hosted events for the Finnish consulate general in Los Angeles. She continues to her spend time helping the local community by volunteering at the L.A. Family Housing, an organization that helps families in crisis of the streets into homes and speaking at local elementary schools inspiring children to pursue a future in acting.




My fair dude – Blonde supporting – Independent

Artica – Takara – Lead - Independent

Angelz landing – Jenny supporting – independent

Robe trick – Shye lead

Ladies room -  Alexis - Lestar Entertainment LLC

Masters Of Illusion – Guest - CW

Rescue 3/SAF3 -  lifeguard - Tower 18 Productions

Brink -  Plastic Barbie - Ryan Trecartin

Racing to the altar - Gina- Daniel Mitchell

A Beach Girls Temporary Arms – Sophia - Jim Akin



SAF3 – Heather- CW

The Grammy Awards - Trophy Model - CBS

Rod Steward Christmas Special – Guest - PBS

Miss Universe - Miss Finland - NBC

Featured By Fameus - Herself/host - Fameus Productions

Airport TV - Host - ClearVision

Elle Style Awards - Herself/Model-  MTV3

UNICEF Gala - Herself/Miss Finland - MTV3

Maria! - Herself/Miss Finland - Nelonen

OnniExtreme -  Herself/Miss Finland - LivTV

Miss Finland – Herself - MTV3



Chereine Royal - Launch campaign

Mineral air - Campaign

Proform – Feel it campaign

Merle Norman – Wicked lashes campaign

Dave & Busters - 2015

Mercedez Benz “Soul”  - actress - Super Bowl 2013/Dante Ariola

Axe teaser - vixen - Don Broida

The Real Housewives of BH – actress - Bravo S03


FGM -  Model - Bikini edition

Isle Poni Lo – model- catalog

Miss Kinsman bikinis – model – catalog

American Gentleman  - Herself/Model - “Sailing with Pia”

Christopher Guy -  Model - Show room

Eva Varro -  Model - Online catalog

Celebrity Pink Jeans -  Model - Spring Catalog

Nike-  Model - Football Jerseys

Sexy By Sweden - Model - Winter Special

Bubbleroom – Model - Christmas Catalog

Elle - Herself/Model - Elle Finland

Anja K Design - Model -Jewelry catalog

Cosmopolitan - Herself/Model - Cosmopolitan


Fashion shows

LoveGold -  Model - Couture

Design Icon Award Event - Model - Christopher Guy

Miss Universe fashion show -  Miss Finland - Miss Universe LLC/Sao Paolo

Marimekko fashion show – Model - Autotalo Laakkonen Oy



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Private Couaching Michelle Danner

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