Villasukka By Pia

“Villasukka” is the Finnish word for “woolen sock.”  

In my tiny hometown of Juuka, Finland, my parents have a small shop where they sell the paintings and handmade crafts of local artists.  I grew up in this shop and now every time I visit home I think about how much wonderful Finnish culture is sitting there quietly and I wish…

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Burpees, Lunge Curls & Thrusters - Let's go!

Hi friends! I just left LA for a 5-week work trip to Europe and Asia, so I made sure to get one last workout in Palisades Park before the long flight to Finland (that's my first stop!). I usually keep my park WODs simple with bodyweight-only movements, but this time I brought some light 8-lb dumbbells so that I could do thrusters and lunge curls, along with some standard burpees.

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