Burpees, Lunge Curls & Thrusters - Let's go!

Hi friends! I just left LA for a 5-week work trip to Europe and Asia, so I made sure to get one last workout in Palisades Park before the long flight to Finland (that's my first stop!). I usually keep my park WODs simple with bodyweight-only movements, but this time I brought some light 8-lb dumbbells so that I could do thrusters and lunge curls, along with some standard burpees. If you want to do this workout at home, just use whatever weight you feel comfortable doing the curls with, and that weight should be light enough for your thrusters too!

Since I like doing these workouts with no rest in between rounds, I used a declining rep scheme:

  • Round 1: 15 reps of all 3 movements (burpees, lunge curls and thrusters)
  • Round 2: 12 reps of all 3 movements
  • Round 3: 9 reps of all 3 movements

If you need to take a breather between each round, try to limit your rest to 30-60 seconds.

I did this 15-12-9 WOD in 6:50-- here's the full video if you'd like to see the whole workout! :)