This is Sparta!!!


Had awesome time concurring the Spartan Sprint Socal this weekend! It was about 6 miles running with 21 obstacles. I have to admit I did not prepare myself for the race at all and once the obstacles for the race were released couple days before the race I was terrified! 😱

I was prepared to do millions of burpees (If you're not able to complete the obstacle you have to do 30 burpees each). For my own surprise I only had to do 120 burpees, after failing 4 obstacles. Olympus (this I have vendetta for cause I was more than half way before I dropped), spear throw (didn't see no one around me compete it), rope climb (which now that I know the technique could do) and slip wall (which looked dangerous it being right after a mud obstacle so it was so slippery and lot of people on it so decided to gladly do burgees instead).

The 2 mud obstacles were my favorite ones throughout the course, it was a hot day and diving in the mud was so freshening. And mud is good for your skin right 🤔😂  I finished the race in 1:35:00. Will see when I do next one.. Any other Spartan racers out there?

See pics below!


Aroo! Aroo!



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