8-Minute warmup WOD

Hello there! Now that I’ve started running every other day, I’m learning that simply stretching before the run isn’t quite enough for me. I’m now doing a dynamic warmup WOD before every run, which has really helped to work out some muscle tightness.  Here is the 8-minute pre-run workout that I did in the park this morning using only 4 bodyweight movements:

  • Split Lunges (10 total each round)

These quickly get my heart rate going while warming up my legs and core. Try not to let your knees hit the ground!

  • Tuck Sit Ups (15 total each round)

Make sure to pause for a second at the top! You can also wrap your arms around your knees for the hold. These are also good for working on your balance. 

  • Shoulder Taps (10 per side each round)

Focus on maintaining a good plank position and minimizing side-to-side movement in your hips. You’ll need to really engage your core to prevent your hips from swaying!

  • Sit-Up-to-Stand-Ups, or “Sit-to-Stands” (15 total per round)

These are MUCH harder than they look. Most people will not have the hip flexibility to do these without thrusting a counterweight forward through their legs in order to stand up. Try it with a light medicine ball or a 10 lb plate!

I would recommend doing 3 to 5 rounds of these movements, depending on how much rest you like to take in between rounds.  I usually take no rest between rounds to keep up the cardio intensity, so I did 3 rounds in a little under 8 minutes. This gave me an average heart rate of 168 bpm, which is pretty high for a warmup! You may want to take a minute of rest between each round and do 4 to 5 rounds.