Energy bites


I used to spend a lot of money on energy bars and a lot of time looking at ingredients lists, but last year I quit store-bought energy bars and starting making my own! These only take a few minutes to make and end up costing less than $0.50 per ball. I keep them in the fridge, individually-wrapped in parchment paper so that I can easily take them on the go!


  • Food processor or blender – I use the NutriBullet, which works great for the price
  • Mixing bowl



  1. Mix cashews, almonds, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and maca powder in your blender. A few pulses should be fine– you don’t need to blend them into a fine powder. 
  2. Put this blended seed/nut mix into your mixing bowl and add the super seed mix and the white chocolate nibs (you won’t want to blend those).
  3. Chop the dates and raisins and then blend them into a paste.
  4. Drop the paste into the mixing bowl and mix everything together with your hands! If the mixture is too powdery, you may need to add another date or two until you get the right consistency.
  5. Separate the energy dough into 9 evenly sized balls. I used a cookie cutter to shape mine into hearts ❤️






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