What happened @ FIBO 2018

Last month I spent a 5 days in Cologne, Germany attending FIBO, the world’s largest fitness and health convention. I was there representing GYM AESTHETICS, one of my clients based out of Stuttgart, and I had a really fun time. It was actually my first trip to Germany, but unfortunately I really didn’t see much outside of my travel between the hotel and the convention center other than couple quick runs around the neighbourhood. 😂 The city was really safe and clean, and the people were friendly— I’ll have to go back someday! 😊


I’ve been to other fitness conventions before, but this one was especially cool. The first two days were only for industry people, so I had a chance to explore the halls and check out all the awesome new innovations and meet some interesting, like-minded people! Saturday and Sunday were open to the public and it was PACKED! You may have seen some of my Instagram stories at the time, but we were staying very busy in the GYM AESTHETICS booth! We did group workouts with the convention attendees a several times a day and got to meet lots of energetic people— SO much fun!  Thanks to everyone that stopped by for a photo or just to say hi!


When GYM AESTHETICS first contacted me about working together a few months ago, I had never seen them in the US and was excited to put their workout gear to the test. The company was started five years ago by German engineers, so I had a feeling that their stuff would be well-designed, but you never know if you’ll like the fit or the materials (especially as a woman!). Lucky for me, I loved the look, the fit and the feel of their gear, and now you’ll almost never see me at the gym in anything but GA. Not only do they have great materials and cool designs, it’s actually reasonably priced and they have lots of amazing promotions.  I recently went to China to shoot their latest GYM AESTHETICS Spring & Summer 2018 collection, which is out NOW!! They ship to the US, so I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more GA logos around gyms in LA soon. 😉 Check out their shop here. And I can tell you that there are many new things coming in the next few months so definitely keep an eye on them! 💪🏼💥