Villasukka By Pia


“Villasukka” is the Finnish word for “woolen sock.”  

In my tiny hometown of Juuka, Finland, my parents have a small shop where they sell the paintings and handmade crafts of local artists.  I grew up in this shop and now every time I visit home I think about how much wonderful Finnish culture is sitting there quietly and I wish more people could experience it!

So I have decided to share a little bit of Finnish culture with you all, starting with these natural woolen socks, handmade by three beautiful and talented Finnish women. I have worn my pair of these socks— with a traditional North Karelian pattern — every night since moving away from Finland six years ago. 

These socks remind me of home. The sheep in the beautiful green fields, surrounded by all those forests and lakes. The women who collect the wool from their sheep and then knit these super soft socks by hand. They tie together where I'm from and what’s important to me. These natural socks warm my feet and my heart. ❤️

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