Welcome to my blog

Photo: Jake Edmondson

Photo: Jake Edmondson

Hi! I’m Pia. Most of you know me as former Miss Finland and a full-time model since moving to LA in 2012. Pretty much all you see on my Instagram are modeling photos and I rarely give much insight into my life and personality. With this blog, I wish to change that by sharing more about myself and connecting with you all! 

For starters, I’m super passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I don’t smoke, almost never drink, I don’t eat meat and I work out daily (I do, however, have a bit of a sweet tooth😋). Nothing is more important to me than being healthy, and hopefully I can give you some advice and extra motivation to help you achieve some of your health and fitness goals.

I’ll be sharing some of my workouts, my go-to healthy recipes and my methods for achieving my own  wellness goals - mind, body and spirit. Stay tuned - I'll be posting every few days. I hope you enjoy it!